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Hurco TMM8 not running on Post. Says it doesnt like G95

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Hurco TMM8 not running on Post. Says it doesnt like G95

So I have a TMM8 that Im trying to get to mill a sprocket profile, but it is saying that it doesnt like the G95. anyone have similar problems or know how to fix it?

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Looking at the Hurco manaul, G95 is referring to feed per rev. How else do you command it to work in feed-per-rev mode?
Is it possible that there is another g-code that is active that needs to be cleared first? Have you attempted any manual edits or MDI commands to get it to accept the G95?


As it's a Hurco, are you able to program a simple piece at the control and then have it spit out g-code?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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My guess is you just can't use FPR when doing live tooling....Feed should be in IPM 

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Oh I'm sorry I was confused. the code has g94 in it that is throwing a flag. I think that I need to run it with G95. 

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