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How to Toolpath this Horn Button

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How to Toolpath this Horn Button

Hi all,

A friend has an old car and wanted me to try to machine this horn button for him.  I'm wondering how to go about doing the top section with the little pockets between the fins.  Would I use a 3D toolpath?  I really haven't gotten into the 3D paths.  Kind of shied away from them but I know they're powerful.  Any feedback is appreciated.  Attached is a phot of the part and a STEP file for reference.

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Would this be turned on a lathe first or will the whole part be milled?

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Yes, I would turn the The back section on a lathe and then fixture so the
top is up and do it on the CNC machine
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Have a look at this video explaining one approach to machining this.

It can be hard to program without knowing what material/machine/ tooling so I have made a lot of assumptions

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Thanks for the reply.  FYI, I just have a small HAAS TM1-P 3-axis.  I'm going to be using aluminum for the material.

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