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How to program a swivel head

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How to program a swivel head

I use a aold maho 80p machine with a swivel head. (see picture atatched)  The controller is Heidenhain TNC426. The head rotates from vertical position to a horizontal postion by programming the B-axis.

I want to drill a hole as on the attached drawing under 8°. I program with fusion a toolrotation of 8 ° and the post gives my cyle 19 with B8°. However if the machine head rotates 8° it wil rotating around the X and Y axis because the swivel head rotates under a angle and not around the Y-axis. How can i solve this in Fusion? Do I need a special postprocessor or hiw cab I program this?

Note : the machine doesent have plane spatial for Heidenhain.

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Have you tried this at the machine? 

It should work fine

Cycle 19 lets the controller calculate the axis angles to achieve the programmed spatial angles




The angles programmed in cycle 19 are Spatial angles around  XYZ and != to the machines physical axes

you may need to set a parameter to get the correct behaviour of your machine.


Because this is a Nutating head machine you should use a correct machine definition in Fusion to achieve the correct prepostioning moves for the head/ table

If you set up a B axis in the Kinematics you will need to give it a custom vector as it rotates around Y and Z axes(because its at 45°)


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I think for your machine the Kinematic chain would look like this:



Note the vectors for the B axis at 45°


When you select a machine in your setup, the machine definition will pass the correct information to the post processor to create the right output code.


You could build a machine simulation model too if you wish.

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Where can I define the custom vector? for the B-axis. I think a defined the
axises in the correct way (see picture attached) but the custom vector of
45° is not possible to define.

Thanks in advance.
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I don't see a picture attached?


You cannot directly enter 45° 

In the image in my above post the Y and Z in the custom orientation have the values 0.707107 which is the sin/cos45 (they are the same at 45°)



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Thanks for the information and your help.
Now I understand how to define the 45°

I did a test on the machine and I drilled a center hole at X50 Y0;
(dimensions in MM)
I want to drill a hole under a angle of 20° at the same position. If a run
the machine with the modified postprocessor the position of the centered
hole is different in Y direction.

Any idea how I can solve this problem?

See picture below of the fusion program.

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Sorry there is No picture attached?

Can you attach your Fusion file as well?

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I attachement the fusion file and also the post and the machine.

Thanks a lot for your help.

I need to be 100% sure that the generated nc code is corret for this type of machine, if not there is a problem with the machine and properly the parameters of the rotation point of table and head need to be adjusted.

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Have a look at this Video, I think there is a problem with the post processor

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Thanks a lot for the video and your explanation.

I will change the line by hand to CYCL DEF 19.1 B+20 C+0 and let run the program again and see if the result is ok.

For your information I also used other heidenhain posts from the fusion database but they all wright the same value in cycle def 19.1 so hopefully the post can be changed it his is the fault.

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It turns out I was Incorrect about Cycle19, you can input axis angles just fine and it is actually preferred with machine Definitions and simulation as it provides a more accurate result.(with spatial angles the machine may not move as expected)


I was misunderstanding how Cycle 19 works.


If you are still having positioning errors then you may need to recalibrate the machine kinematics, it may also be that the measuring probe isn't calibrated correctly as this can throw out the entire kinematics


I'm not 100% sure how you would go about it on that machine, I have only done it on Head/Head machines.

DMG should be able to supply documentation on how to Do it.

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