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How to Post a 2-opt flip

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How to Post a 2-opt flip

Coworker is wanting to post a two opt-filp. Let me break that down. Essentially the part is a sqr tube that has 2 holes on side 1, then the part is flipped 90° and then drilled another 2 holes in a different location using the same drill and the same offset.


To make it simple as possible and knowing the part is a square tubing, the physical offset should ideally be the same (G54). This reduces setup error and makes it easy for the operators. Yes I know how to post a G54 & the a G55 program but this isn't want Im looking for.


The problem comes when I want to post it as the same work offset but the parts were SETUP were in two separate setups with the same identified "G54 or #1 cordinate system". I tired to put the operations in the same SETUP but That didn't work as the holes physically have to be on different coordinates as the holes are on different planes of the part. 


Anyone have some advice. I realize I could post G54,G55 and have them match; and I also realize I could post the two and stitch them together with a M00 but Im looking for a more robust way to make them utilize 1 coordinate system without hand coding. 


Kind regards


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Add a Manual NC M00 Stop in your toolpath operations between the flip, can even add an operator message confirming they flipped the part, and post as single NC file without need for hand edits / stitching

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This seems like it should be really simple... 2 setups, each with the same stock size but the second will have Z pointing in a different direction and the WCS origin on a different side of the part.


See attached example:






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