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How to optimize 2D pocket toolpaths like Flat toolpaths in Manufacture

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How to optimize 2D pocket toolpaths like Flat toolpaths in Manufacture

I used 2 tools for same purpose. The result is diffence in toolpaths. Could you help me optimize 2D Pocket toolpaths like Flat Toolpaths as pictures. 



Thank you so much!

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If you don't mind sharing the model, I can help you.

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It is quite heavy. I can make it another and send you.
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in reply to: thaodptsc

If you can share the model here, we can take a look at the file and the current toolpaths.

File > Export > Save to local folder, return to thread and attach the .f3d file in your reply

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

In attached file, I made a simple file with 3 options to cut. I am trying to optimize toolpaths.
There are an issues in 2D Pocket: function: "Preserve order" is not work and it can not optimize toolpaths. I have to separate into small areas that toolpaths is too long. 

With Flat, toolpaths is optimized. Pockets selection that are close to each other will be cut first. 

Thank you for your help. 

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Hi, I did a test for you and created a 2D Pocket operation. I didn't see any empty movement. I am attaching pictures of my selections and settings. Can you review your own project?





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Yes, I means the distance between selections. You can see pictures. Flas has a short distant and Pocket has a long distant. This is simple file. A complicated file will take very long distances. 


1. 2D pocket

Flat selection.png

Pocket selection 2.png


2. Flat

Pocket selection.png


Flat selection 1.png

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I understand the problem more clearly now. I also tried 2 operations in a restricted area. You should change the Helix part under the Linking selection Ramp that you use in Pocket operation. You will find the same ways when you change this setting section to plunge. Attached are the test results I did for you. If you found a solution to your problem, please accept the solution 🙂

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Thank you for your reply.
I am using plunge in Linking part. You can check in attached file. I mean the way Fusion move between selection. Messy order is made in 2D pocket and optimal order is made in Flat. Machine have to move a long distance to next pockets. 

To more clearly, please check below pictures: 

1. Flat with Optimal Order: 


2. 2D pocket with messy order:




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in reply to: seth.madore

Thank you Avtodesk for an extra hour for meditation! Preserve order? No, I haven't heard!

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It may be necessary to open a case regarding this issue. @seth.madore 

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in reply to: st.scsi

Exactly this problems. It took much time with longer movement with 2D pocket and Face contour.

You can try with Flat, you will have an optimize movement but it is not siutable with my work. 

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Yes, I think function "Preserve order" is disable and 2D pocket and Face contour can not optimize tool's movement.
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in reply to: st.scsi

While the sofware have not fixed this problem, I think you should devide into small area to select pocket. It will help you save much time because tool just move in each small area.

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in reply to: thaodptsc

So far I have .tap files for all my projects. In this particular file, I also used the previous milling paths. Problems await me when trying to do something new. I don't understand what could have broken after the update. For 4 years everything worked as it should, "Preserve order" always worked. And then suddenly, without a declaration of war, such a random riding on the table.
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in reply to: st.scsi

Yes. I hope it will be fixed in next update. 

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