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How to mill this profile in a mill turn machine with radial milling tool

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How to mill this profile in a mill turn machine with radial milling tool


I would like to mill the flats on the end of a 16mm diameter steel bar as shown in the picture. Machine is mill turn lathe with live radial 12mm milling tool. What would be the best way to do this? I tried 2d adaptive but I can't contain the tool path properly. I have also attached the file. Many thanks for the help!






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3d adaptive is where you should always default if you dont have a specific reason to use a different strategy. 


3d adaptive for roughing

2d contour for finishing, either use a bullnose with the correct radius or rotate 90 deg and use an end mill that is smaller than the radius on the part

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thanks for the help. Why would I use bull nose? Totally not necessary. Straight milling tool is fine. I want to come in from the front on the shank of the tool. Yes of course rotate the tool - it is a radial milling tool on a mill turn lathe. It comes out of the turret at 90 degrees to the axis - radially!

I want to come in on the end of the bar and cut the profile as shown in the picture. Just the radius profile. Tools are all the correct size to do it. I can't get the path to work. Can you tell me how to do that? Thank you!

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So good! Thank you. I am actually totally new to fusion. Just started using it over the last few months and jumped in. Still lots to learn. I do have experience with other cam/cad packages and know machining techniques. The video you just made is invaluable! Saved me hours of time. Thank you!

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