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How to machine an overhang

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How to machine an overhang

My part has two overhangs...

I would like to machine them using a tee slot tool

I dint really know what tool path to use or how to set it up

see attached f3z file

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in reply to: jscott6SWZG

Create a Slot Mill, use 2D Contour for your toolpath


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: jscott6SWZG

Thanks a lot 

I can't get to your elegant tool path.

Mine leaves uncut corners...because the tool doesn't go out far enough

Also it air cuts a square shape (not really a problem)

It must be something to do with my geometry selection? 

It also has a warning that lead out can't reach exit position?

I also get this warning on a exterior contour 

Set up 6 contour 13, 2d under cut

Both warnings occurred when i moved the start and finish positions to a carved place on the part.

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in reply to: jscott6SWZG

You need to have an open contour selection and just select the undercut edge. Then use extensions so your tool is clear when it comes in and out.

Do this by holding down alt when you select a line, or with the new contour selection there is an "open" contours button". 


I've attached the updated file. 



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in reply to: mattdlr89

I opened the file but it looks just like my tool path...


I understand alt select open contour.....but i can't figure out where extension is???

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in reply to: jscott6SWZG

Got it thx all

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