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How to machine a stopped groove without the lead out going in the Z direction

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How to machine a stopped groove without the lead out going in the Z direction

Is there a way to machine the groove as in the screenshot without exiting in the Z direction at the left end of the ramp where the over hang is.  If I use trace the small over hang is cut when the cutter leads out in the Z direction.   I would like to start and end at the opposite end of the overhang.  The first setup would have the piece on its side and would be cut out using a contour tool path.  Piece would then be repositioned and the groove cut.  Alternatively the groove could be cut in the first setup - just takes a bit more work setting up the sketches for the tool path for the groove.  I have attached the file with both methods attempted.  The adaptive tool paths are for removing the material so it is easier to see what is happening.  On the CNC the adaptive toolpaths would not be run - just the contours and the remnant material would be manually removed.






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Using trace and an appropriate sketch you can cause the tool to pull away diagonally, you may need to adjust the sketch to get the correct motion


It definitely is easier to do from the side however


see attached

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you can simply use a 2D contour, make your lead out 180* with whatever length it needs to be to clear the overhang. No radius. 

If the tool is smaller then the arc, you can also select the entire "U" shaped top contour and treat it as normal.


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