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How to have your tool info update each time you re-generate tool paths

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How to have your tool info update each time you re-generate tool paths

When I make changes to my tools ( for example if I change my overall tool length in my tool manager ) I would like this to update each time I generate a new tool path.


Currently when I make these changes they are not updating when I generate a new tool path in Manufacturing.


The only way it will update is if I go through each tool path and re-select that tool and then it will update it with current data for that tool.


Is this possible?


Thank You,



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Have you ever resolve that problem? I have similar situation where my operator is sometimes updating diameter of tools after sharpening and programs are still using old data instead of taking updated info from tool base.

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in reply to: kentdesautel

There is no link between a document-level tool and the tool library. If you are updating the tools in the active document, the related toolpaths should be marked as "out of date" and require regeneration. Are you not seeing this behavior?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Yes i see this happening. Problem is on other side. I have particular programs that i run again and again. Like one time every month. 


Im milling lets say ladders. And i have one program i use and just adjust pattern to mach how long particular ladder is. 


So i get new file, go to my last ladder i make and just copy setup and past it in new file. Everything jump o its place, i just adjust amount of steps and i can generate ready toolpath and setup sheet. But it's keeping tool as it was. Let sey nr16. 


But in meantime my operator send tool nr16 to sharpening and now its back and he put diameter correction in our cloud tool database.  But program is just taking old size from setup... 


I see why its doing it but i would like more to just don't use  document-level tool's and just always use direct tool library tools. For what we are doing it would be better i think. Or at least to be able to chose in setup if i want to use document base tools. 


I just have it quite some time that my operator is scratching his head why diameter is different if tool number is same. Or maybe it should be just question when you copy setup. If you want to keep tools or reload them from cloud base tool library... Without this you can speed up work by using same setup again but still need to check if there was no tool size update in cloud library. 



I don't know how but there is many ways to skin a car here. If i'm not perfect clear pleas just write msg, call me or what ever. 





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in reply to: stanskimaciej

What you're saying is clear enough.

Once a tool is copied into a document, it severs any and all links to the Cloud Library, they become two distinct tools at that point.



It's worth noting that we're aware of this shortcoming in the Libraries. However, it's not a small project to solve and it's likely going to be quite some time before we have a viable solution to this. 

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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FYI you can still use the old template, just drag the new library tool into that toolpath and it'll keep the selections but change the tool dia and feeds. 

Please click "Accept Solution" if what I wrote solved your issue!

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