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How to drive the center of my tool down a sketch line?

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How to drive the center of my tool down a sketch line?

This is in Fusion 360. I have a self-defined form tool. It's a dovetail cutter, and I want to drive the center of the tool straight along a path defined in a sketch. The tool always moves along at an offset parallel to the sketch line instead. I think this has something to do with the way I defined my compensation point or the kind of tool path I am using. I have gotten it to work, but I always need to put an offset into my tool path to get the center of the line to follow the tool. I really would like to just get Fusion to move the center of the tool down the path without a compensating offset. 


Let's ask the simple question first. Is there a 2D toolpath available that will allow for driving the tool down the center of the line as opposed to machining next to the line? If so, which one?


Given that, where should I put my compensation point to facilitate this kind of use?


Many thanks in advance,

-- Mike Litzkow

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Yep, the trace toolpath will drive the tool from centerline



If you are diving down the center of a sketch the compensation point doesn't matter.

I does matter for using left/right comp in Trace or using 2d contour.

It basically controls the part of the tool that follows the contour

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2d contour with compensation set to off works as well


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Ah, you're talking about "Compensation" on the Passes tab. Yes, that works great, and much more closely matches my design intent. Thank you both!

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