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How to create the right CAM path?

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How to create the right CAM path?

Hi there,

In the pictures, you will see screenshots of the CAM paths for my model. As you can see, a part of my model sticks out (let's call it a pin).
You can see that once I select the contour to cut, it ignores the pin and plans to go right through it. I understand this happens as the contour just follows the lines on the bottom. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? 

I am looking forward to your reply!

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Create a sketch on which you draw a new contour, one that avoids the "pin". Then machine the pin area with other operations.

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So you mean that I need to create a sketch, project the edges, and assign the CAM path on the sketch lines?
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Yes, project the edges and add a line that goes nicely around the part you want to protect.

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You could also use a 3d operation, which would recognize the "pin" without any sketch, but that's for roughing, you'd have to do the sketch for the finish pass anyway.

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Thank you both!!

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Volgens mij ben je nederlands, even een kleine tip. Probeer geen radius als contour aan te klikken. Fusion zal deze geprojecteerde baan dan als lijnstukken gaan zien. Je kunt hierdoor snel problemen krijgen met radius compensatie.

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Translation of last post:

I think you are Dutch, just a small tip. Try not to click on a radius as a contour. Fusion will then see this projected trajectory as line segments. This can quickly cause problems with radius compensation.


This is partially false.  If you pick a radius that is on the same plane as the profile (perpendicular to the spindle), the radius will be a perfect radius.  If you pick a radius that is in a different plane (angled), or 3 dimension curve, it will be broken up in small lines.  Big difference.

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Dat heb je goed gezien. Thanks!
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in reply to: DarthBane55

What I currently did is as follows:

Create an additional plane on the lowest point of Z
Create a sketch on that plane.
Project all bodies.
2D contour the sketchlines (so the projected bodies)

It seems to work pretty well! What do you think?
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yes, good! 🙂

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