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How to create .simpl files from Fusion 360, to upload into CNC equipment

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How to create .simpl files from Fusion 360, to upload into CNC equipment

I recently started at a company that uses Fusion 360.  My predecessor used Fusion 360 to create 3 dimensional objects and created .simpl files, which were then saved to the server and loaded into the CNC machines from there.  The CNC machines cut metal stock into the shape and also counterbored through holes in the metal pieces using these .simpl files.  I am fluent in 3D modeling from my time using CREO, but I haven't found how to save, or export .simpl files from Fusion 360.  If someone knows how to do this task, please help me learn how to.


Thank you for your knowledge and guidance,


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Use correct post processor to translate your toolpaths into the NC code for your machine.


Try to find post processor here -

If default post processor doesn't provide required NC code, you can send me message. I offer post processor modification as a service and I'll help you to sort out PP for your machine.

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Can you share a Fusion file that your predecessor would have made, along with a ".simpl" file? Put them in a .zip file and attach that here.
Were there any notes left on what post processor they may have used in the process?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: justinv5YW5W

It looks like this might be the one?


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

Good morning, Seth,

Sorry I never replied to your message to me three weeks ago.  It got busy here at work, then there was the holiday.  I hope you and your family enjoyed good holidays together.  Now that work is getting back into control, after the beginning of the year rush, I want to get back on figuring out how my predecessor created the .simpl files the drill press CNC machine uses.  I went into one of the old jobs he did and find .CAM, along with .MCR files, but no .simpl files.


When I came here for my interview and then once during a working day, just to see the work I'll be preforming, he showed me how he created .dxf files (which are easily saved from AutoCAD) and opened the .dxf file in Fusion 360.  Perhaps .MCR and .CAM files are created using Fusion 360, but I didn't find a way to create the .simpl files the CNC drill used.


Seth, is there a way I can send you a .zip folder containing all the files he used for a past job, except for the .simpl file that wasn't in the job folder.  maybe you'll understand how he was creating these .simpl files?

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What CNC machine are you using? Make and Model?

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Hi, Good afternoon,
We are using a DAYTRON, M8 CUBE manufactured in 2019

Thank you for your help,
Justin Van Etten
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OK, I imagine your predecessor created the NC code needed (888.simpl) in Fusion 360 Manufacturing rather than doing a "save as" or Export. Do you have access to any Fusion 360 files used in the past that may give insight into what has been done vis a vis Setup and Toolpaths?

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