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How to create a one piece mold for this complex part

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How to create a one piece mold for this complex part

I am trying to make a one piece mold for this part:


It is not flat so all of the tutorials on this site and youtube dont really explain how to actually make the hole from the surface of the mold to the surface of the part. In all of the tutorials the part is flat so you can just cut to the body and be done but I have no clue how to go about making a mold for this part.
I have been trying to DIY it but with no luck. I tried free hand cutting the mold bu that doesnt work since the part is curved, spliting the body on the part faces etc. etc. No luck.


Is anyone able to give some hints to go about making the mold?

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Are you planning to 3D print the Create a silicon mold and then cast in FRP?

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My goal is to 3D print the mold and use it to make a carbon fiber part.
Because of that, some of the mold settings in programs like Cura dont
really help, it seems it has to be done by hand
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Perhaps orient the the part with the large V shaped face parallel to the ground, tabs bending down.


then you could have a one part, open face mold.


You’d have to drill the holes by hand after, you could make a little registration mark where the center is. 


Also you’d have to check your draft on your edges, especially on the folded down tabs to make sure there aren’t undercuts for pulling upward.


Good luck!


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