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How to close a contour to make a closed pocket

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How to close a contour to make a closed pocket

New to Fusion 360 and have a problem machining a pocket. The pocket has a slot that is thru the part, half of the slot is in the pocket and half is beside the pocket. So, it breaks the edge of the pocket. How do I close the the contour, so Fusion sees it just as a plane pocket and doesn't go around the slot. Hope this makes sense.



Thanks for the  help


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In Contour click Edit, click Geometry, chick Chain. Select Closed. Now make sure that you did not leave any Sketch drawings visible. Click on the perimeter of the slot. It will usually select the closed slot automatically. You may have to build the slot by concatenating sections. After fighting and you get  a slot perimeter, go to Heights. In Bottom Height, try Selection and click a line or edge in the bottom of the slot. You may have to drop another 0.005"  because all mills have a "radius". The next time you have a question, send a copy by exporting your drawing in fd3 format. Support can be more succinct. You have to save your drawing before you can Export.

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simply select the bottom edge of your slot where it is "continuous" 

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