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How to change the preferred lead in position?

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How to change the preferred lead in position?

I am in the Fusion 360 Fabrication add-on, setting up leads for plasma and trying to move the preferred lead position. I am in the 2D profile editor, last tab/Positions section at the bottom. When I click a new location on the contour, it adds another dot in addition to the original one. It seems that the lead is actually placed at the last location clicked, but I want to remove all the unneeded dots. I don't want multiple positions, just one. How can I delete the unwanted preferred lead in location dots? The only option I found to delete is to click the X next to the blue button which deletes all the lead in positions. I need to just move one lead. My artwork designs have a lot of intricate cutouts and I need to know the leads will be exactly where I intend them to be.

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Press the CTRL button, you can click on an Entry point and remove it

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: alchemymetal

I am having a similar issue except I'm using Fusion 360's built in Manufacture workspace.  When I click an entry point, Fusion 360 puts the entry point wherever it wants.  I've tried selecting face contours and then placing the entry point as well as selecting the silhouette option and either option gives the same result.  I'm not able to pick where I want the plasma cutter to enter the part.

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in reply to: JESwardstrom

I think I can answer my own question...  I just found that if you do not specify a lead in radius, your entry point will be at an adjacent corner.  If I specify a lead in radius, I can pick wherever I want.

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