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How to add custom properties for machining operations using "operationProperties"

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How to add custom properties for machining operations using "operationProperties"

There are vague references to it being supported to add custom properties to the machining operation dialogs which are postprocessor specific. For example I am working on the Brother post and would like to be able to customise and override the smoothing/accuracy parameters per operation


Referring to the blog post here:

I took my currently working post processor and added in the most trivial extra operationProperties, something like:


// UI Operation Properties
operationProperties = {
useSmoothing: {


// user-defined properties
properties = {
writeMachine: {


However, whilst this adds the extra dialog as desired to the operation page, (especially if I fill in the details of what I want in the dropdown in the config), I immediately lose nearly all the custom properties in the Post dialog box. ie everything in the "properties = { }" section disappears from the post dialog.


I've reduced my example to the minimum as above and the problem remains. I can't find any other examples to guide me on how to use this property, so help would be appreciated!

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in reply to: edautodesk69XS4

Hi @edautodesk69XS4,

The blog post you link to is quite old.
See the documentation on page 89 (4.1.4 Operation Properties), each property can have an additional key called scope.

To display operation properties in Fusion 360 or Inventor CAM it is required that a Machine Configuration be assigned to the Manufacturing Setup. The reason is that the Machine Configuration has a post processor assigned to it and the operation properties are obtained from this known post processor.

Sr. Technical Consultant
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Oh that's brilliant! Thanks so much for the help!

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@edautodesk69XS4 did you figure that out?
I have exactly the same problem like you. Can you help me how you solved that?

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Yep, see my "per op accuracy mode" override here for the Brother Speedio post (more generally, note that I have been maintaining a fork of the autodesk Brother Speedio post, lots of bug fixes, but struggled to get any interest from Autodesk in pulling these changes upstream..)

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Wow you are a genius! Thank you so much!
Had to adjust some stuff for Nano Smoothing for the Doosan but i think it looks good now. Thanks again!

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Yeah, notice that you can also limit the option appearing except for certain operation types! So you could add extra options, say just for tapping, eg the Brother has a tap acceleration override that we could add options for here. Perhaps you need extra options for a drilling cycle, etc.

Neat stuff!

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