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How to adaptive mill these pockets.

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How to adaptive mill these pockets.

First of all here's the link to my file, which can be downloaded:


As can be seen in the setup I'm using a solid for the stock, which is almost identical to the part, apart from the half circle pockets around the edge.


I've been at this for a whole day and just keep hitting a wall. I'm trying to work out how to use a 5mm end mill to adaptively mill these half circle pockets around the edge of the circular part.


I've found other ways such as a drill operation with a slot mill being used to plunge, or a circular operation with an end mill spiraling all the way down. However, no way can I find how to used the side of an end mill to adaptively clear them.

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Give this a try:


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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You can do it also without contour selection.

Use 3D-Adaptive, choose the stock material and press ok.



If your toolpath try to mill at the upper face set the upper height a little bit in minus

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Thank you very much guys. There's absolutely no way I would have worked this out any time soon without your help.


I'm fairly new to the cam side of things, so really have no clue at this point in time when anything goes above what you see on basic tutorials. I can see the rabbit hole can get fairly deep with cam.

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