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Horizontal expansion - additive manufacturing

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Horizontal expansion - additive manufacturing

Feature request or workaround request for horizontal expansion compensation.


This seems so easy to implement.  Just take outer perimeters and move them inward by x mm. 


Their location is already manipulated by the Perimeter Extrusion Width parameter such that the perimeter lies in the center of the width, so there is not much of a new calculation needed. 

Now I am thinking to use an unrealistically thick perimeter such that the extruder doesn't keep up, as a hack to move the perimeter inward to avoid manually offsetting all the walls. But that's pretty awful because the infill will not be connected to the perimeter, so I would need to use Perimeter-Infill Overlap Ratio to fix that too.



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I have a workflow now.

Preferably I do it in manufacturing mode -> Edit manufacturing model and use Offset faces. 

Now the trick is to select usually vertical faces and discard ones that are not required or cause the tool to fail. Selecion tool works best if always used with following key combinations:

Ctrl+Shift + selection to add new faces.

Ctrl + selection to remove faces. 

Depending on geometry the tool may crash, so it's a good idea to split the task into multiple parts.

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