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hole recognition with form taps

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hole recognition with form taps

I 've been trying to implement hole recognition in our workflows, but I noticed that this is not possible when you try to use form taps!


I think hole recognition can be a real time saver, but in our case, 80% of our tapped holes are with form taps, and I thing there are plenty company's just like us...


Manufacturing team, please considder making an option inside the hole recognition "options" to use Form tap drilling diameters

This means for example for M10 hole using a drill of 9.3 instead of 8.5

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It would be better if we had access to the database so we could customise/add our own recipes.(Kinda like Camworks database)


I had tried hole Recognition as well, and because we machine a lot of stainless steel we want to drill larger tap holes than standard  like 5.1mm for M6 and 14.2 for M16 etc. but you cannot do this.


We also put a lot of STI threads in plastic and Aluminum and there is no options for those either.


The other point of frustration is I chamfer all my holes with a chamfer mill and 2D Chamfer rather than using a spot drill or countersink and you can't do this with Hole recognition either.

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