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Hobby 4th axis licensing

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Hobby 4th axis licensing

I have been using the Hobby license to do cad/cam for my 3-axis cnc, and I am adding a rotary machine to my hobby shop. I understand that all rotary functions are in the Machining Extension. My question is am I required to buy the commercial license before adding the extension, or can I add the extension to the Hobby version?


Alternately if anyone knows a way to perform 3-axis rotary machining (X, Z, A) without the extension that would be even better.

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You cannot purchase the Extension on a Personal Use license, you must first have a Commercial license


What sort of work do you plan on doing with the 4th axis? Are you certain that you also need the Machining Extension? In Commercial, we do have Wrap 2D Pocket/Contour/Adaptive/Engrave.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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I will look into the Wrap options, as I will obviously need at least Commercial.


As to what I will do, I'm not sure. The machine has X, Z, and A control, so I expect I'll want to create cylindrical based models that can be carved with parallel paths that go right and rotate a few degrees then back left and rotate....etc. Maybe some statues, vases, lamps? 


I don't mind jumping to Commercial, but if I can do what I need without the extension my wallet would like that very much.

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What is your actual machine, and what post processor do you use? If you don't have a Y axis, that may pose some issues in posting 🤔

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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The machine is a Cyclone made by Odyssey CNC. I was told the processor was Demon Rotary Y Wrap?


Thanks for helping....

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