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Help with threading

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Help with threading

I ran my thread tool path a while ago (M5x.8 thread).  It worked nicely with -0.05 mm stock to leave; nice relatively tight thread.

But when my test bolt got to the end of the hole it jammed. The bottom of hole height was set at -.01mm.  so the thread did not quite go to the bottom of the stock. If I cleared it with a tap.  the thread was fine.

I then tried a bottom of hole set at .8m one full thread below the bottom of stock.  The bit broke on the start of the third pass.  I broke my two bits cause i tried it again.

I ordered to more bits to try again.

I slowly worked my way up to a caliper measured 4.2 mm ID (4.1mm hole diameter with a -.01 mm radial stock to leave).  (yes my machine is not perfect).  Hole bottom set at -.5mm. I ran the thread with 0 stock to leave and the thread was too tight so I went to -.05mm, nice thread works great but the test jammed at the bottom of the thread.

So I dropped the hole bottom to 0 mm offset with bottom of stock selected point.

At the start of the third pass the bit broke again.

What am i doing wrong.  Do you have to clean up the bottom of the hole somehow. 


Set up is latch hook.  hole prep is Operation Bore 17 hole thread is Thread 1 (3)


 A hhs tap cleans it up easily.

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The id should be more like 4.27mm, but if the tool is breaking on the third pass then you must have chips packing in there or something going on physically. 

I don't know what your stock is under the hole, but 2mm drilled clearance should be enough.

You also have no cutter comp enabled.

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The stock is 3mm thick, the model is 3mm thick....I bored the hole bottom .5 mm below the stock.

So your saying i need to bore the hole 2mm below the bottom of the stock? (its not a problem just feels weird i guess).

I will try 4.27mm id.  None the less the thread result is very good feeling. 

In the end it is extending the thread down to stock bottom that is breaking the bits

it could be something to do with chips piling up.....I would have thought that would be more likely to occur if the threads were not machined to the bottom of the hole.


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Also i am reluctant to change thread dimensions since the hss tap fits perfectly 

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What's below your stock, some soft jaws? If you're sending your threadmill lower than your stock, make sure you've got sufficient clearance below the stock.

What's the material?



(the amount of red I'm seeing in your toolpaths is giving me anxiety)


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Nothing below the stock.   2 hard jaws grip parallel sided.

very clean cut ti gr 5 sta.

I am beginning to believe that is some ti hairs coming of the bottom sides of the cut.

answer would be cut threads short brush of the hairs after the cut.

Ill send the g code

i changed the order of the set ups.  moved this up in the order.

ill delete the tool path and try again in a new file

i am gonna cut my 54 holes the way ot works then experiment


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@jscott6SWZG wrote:


So your saying i need to bore the hole 2mm below the bottom of the stock? (its not a problem just feels weird i guess).



In your program, you already are. 

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Just clarifying

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