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Help with inverse time

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Help with inverse time

Hi guys,

I use the Haas st-20y post for my Victor Lathe with Y-Axis and Live Tooling. Adjusted the post a little to my needs and so far everything works pretty well, as far as i can tell since i don't use it very often. Now i have some spare time and i'm trying to figure out the G93 function. I have a part here where i run it with C, and X axis and the cycle time took waaay longer as calculated. Feeds where pretty slow. So i changed my post to use inverse time and that looks much better now!
On Line 6151 though it puts out a Feedrate of F9.632 and it Rotates the Axis by 40 Degrees.. So that takes forever...

What am i missing?


i only changed:  var useInverseTimeFeed = true; // use DPM feeds from false to true


Never used that function before so this is quite new to me.

Would be amazing if someone could put me into the right direction!


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