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Help with font size of set up sheets?

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Help with font size of set up sheets?


I am looking for help adjusting the font size of the set up sheets...

Hopefully this is possible...

I like the .100 font

setup s.jpg

- Jon Schaeffer
Lincoln Laser (Novanta)
Phx Az

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in reply to: jon.schaeffer

Hi @jon.schaeffer


Thanks for posting! A method that I like to use to have greater control over setup sheets is to open the .HTML file in MS Word. This should allow you to change the font size and reformat the sheet like any other word document.


Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Paul Clauss

Product Support Specialist

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in reply to: paul.clauss

That's creates many extra steps though.

I was wondering if someone knows how to alter the CPS file and have Fusion spit out a better setup sheet.

- Jon Schaeffer
Lincoln Laser (Novanta)
Phx Az

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You don't even need to edit the CPS file, it's just a basic CSS change :).


In the default folder, you will find a setup-sheet.css file, edit that and you can see in the screencast how I change it (using internet explorer).




hopefully it makes sense!


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in reply to: jon.schaeffer

I realize this is an older post but it helped me with the tiny 8pt 'Notes:' font. Wish there was a user-friendly font setting somewhere for these Setup sheet font sizes. Admittedly, so far, I'm not a fan of the new 'NC' setup sheet version.

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