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Help Editing Form

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Help Editing Form

Hi, I'd like to start by thanking everyone for there help so far on this forum. The issue I'm having is modifying this form so the base portion is flat but the curve is maintained where it meets the walls. I've tried using 'flatten' but cannot figure it out. I'm trying to do this in order to lower machining times for the finishing toolpath as they are unusually long. The blue portion of the image below is what I'm referring to as the 'base'.

Thanks, Tom



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in reply to: oxbydandm

This is a design question, but I think you've already posted this in the Design workspace, no?

I'm not a modeling guru, but I think if you were to create an offset plane, raise it to the height where you want to intersect, Split Body and then discard what you don't want, that may be a way to go.



PS; try not to create multiple threads on the same topic, it just leads to disarray when people try to assist 🙂

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Hi, sorry about the confusion with the posts I'm new to the forum space. I posted this earlier trying to get a 90 degree angle between the walls and base, I have since revised the design. I will try this solution.

Thanks, Tom

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