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Help 3D Surfacing Long Thin Part

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Help 3D Surfacing Long Thin Part

I have a part that is kicking my butt. I've wasted hours trying to do what I want to do but can't get it to work.  I have this long thin part that doesn't really have a flat surface (though it looks like it does). Since holding it for the second side would be difficult, I want to window machine it. I have a rectangular piece of stock I have defined with locating/hold down holes and a crude outline of the part I am using as a containment boundary so that I am not machining my hold downs/dowel pins. I simply want to rough the first side then surface it with a 3D strategy. Flip the part and do the same leaving 0.02 stock holding it in place. Finally I'll run a 2D contour operation with tabs to break through leaving me with some minor trimming/sanding.


I've attached a F3D so you can see what I am doing here. Any help/direction is greatly appreciated.





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What's your actual issue, is it the Steep and Shallow that has an empty toolpath? You've selected the opposite faces for "Machine", that may have some impact on the resulting toolpath..

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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