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Heller mc16 postprocessor

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Heller mc16 postprocessor



Where i can find postprocessor for HELLER MC16- Unipro 90?


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What's the control, and do you have sample g-code that you can share? This is a horizontal machining center, right?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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L60 Ss G1.1.1 (Zentrieren , F und S angepasst S2.11)
N6000 (?
N6010 $CAD
N6020 $DIA P0 (*Oberflaeche absolut)
N6030 $DIA P1 (*Zentrierdurchmesser)
N6040 $DIA P5 (*Rueckzug)
N6050 $DIA P6 (*Sicherheitsabstand)
N6060 ?)
N6070 $IF E.G.BPS !=1
N6080 P132=E.G.AFD (/Vorschub)
N6090 P133=E.G.ASD (/DREHZAHL)
N6100 P134=16000 (/Max.Drehzahl aus Masch.daten, ID7001-X)
N6110 $WHILE E.T.SW >179
N6120 M0 (*Spitzenwinkel 1-179 Grad eingeben)
N6140 $WHILE E.T.X <.1
N6150 M0 (*Werkzeugradius > 0 eingeben)
N6170 $WHILE P134==0
N6180 M0 (*Max. Drehzahl in Masch.Daten ID7001-X eingeben)
N6200 P147=TAN(E.T.SW /2) P149=P1/2/P147
N6210 P140=P0+P6 P144=P0-P149 P145=P140+P5
N6220 P135=E.T.X *2/P1 P136=P135*P132 P137=P135*P133
N6230 $IF P137>P134
N6240 P136=P136/P137*P134 P137=P134
N6250 $ENDIF
N6260 $SWITCH E.G.ORIENTATION (/ 0=H,1=V,2=U-H,3=U-V,4=C-H,5=C-V)
N6270 $CASE 0 (/ H-Maschine)
N6280 $CASE 1 (/ V-Maschine)
N6290 P90="Z"
N6300 $BREAK
N6310 $CASE 2 (/ U-Maschine,H-orientiert)
N6320 P90="Z"
N6330 $IF E.G.HEADPOS ==1 (/ V-Stellung)
N6340 P90="Y"
N6350 $ENDIF
N6360 $BREAK
N6370 $CASE 3 (/ U-Maschine,V-orientiert)
N6380 P90="Z"
N6390 $IF E.G.HEADPOS ==0 (/ H-Stellung)
N6400 P90="Y"
N6410 $ENDIF
N6420 $BREAK
N6430 $CASE 4 (/ C-Maschine,H-orientiert)
N6440 $IF E.G.APL ==17 (/ H-Stellung)
N6450 P90="Z"
N6460 $ELSEIF E.G.APL ==18 (/ V-Stellung)
N6470 P90="Y"
N6480 $ELSE
N6490 M0 (* Unterprogramm nur fuer horizontal / vertikal)
N6500 $ENDIF
N6510 $BREAK
N6520 $CASE 5 (/ C-Maschine,V-orientiert)
N6530 $IF E.G.APL ==18 (/ H-Stellung)
N6540 P90="Y"
N6550 $ELSEIF E.G.APL ==17 (/ V-Stellung)
N6560 P90="Z"
N6570 $ELSE
N6580 M0 (* Unterprogramm nur fuer horizontal / vertikal)
N6590 $ENDIF
N6610 G0 G90 P90,P140
N6620 (* G1 P90,P144 FP136 SP137 )
N6630 G1 P90,P144
N6640 (* G0 P90,P145 FP132 SP133)
N6650 G0 P90,P145
N6660 $ENDIF
N6670 M17
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Yes, it is horizontal machining center.


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And what is the actual control on the machine?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Unipro 90

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This looks like some highly customized code. I would suggest working with one of our resellers to help you get a post processor working for your machine.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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