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Having trouble working out end of op clearances.

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Having trouble working out end of op clearances.

New 4th axis. I have options G28, G53, Clearance Height and G30. I keep getting an error if I select Clearance Height for my retracts and return at the end of operations.


Large machine I really dont want the gantry racing the length of the machine at the end of an op I just want it to zero the Z and stay put for the next job. I am unsure what to do? Ive attached the very first 4th axis job I am working on. I just need to sort out the end of job return can someone help?

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can you show me the postprocessor you are using?

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in reply to: RoccoHilton

Hi. Sure. It came from a member here actually. Gee. The collaborative approach is in progress huh?


The G28 and G30 I was really busy yesterday, had a bit of a read up but still dont fully know what they are about.  I will have to read into it further. Just a simple Z to zero will work at end of operations for me.


Tell you what, its a home built machine. Watching a 200kg gantry race at full speed to the stops, and stopping at zero the first time raises the heart rate.


Attached. What do you think?

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