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Having trouble configuring a post process for my 4th axis/MACH3-controlled CNC machine.

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Having trouble configuring a post process for my 4th axis/MACH3-controlled CNC machine.



I am currently having trouble setting up Fusion 360 to generate tool paths for my CNC machine with a rotary axis on the X plane.


I am still new to the C.N.C world, but I feel that I have been learning Design and Manufacturing quite well over the last couple of months.


Attached is a .f3d for what I am trying to manufacture. Basically, I am attempting to cut these tiny little hats out of a hollowed cylinder. I believe I am defined both my stock and operations correctly. (Selecting a cylinder face for wrapping, and selecting each closed chain contour.)


Also attached is a non-screenshot (lol) picture of what MACH3 displays when the code is opened up.


When I attempt to post process using the "mach3mill" post processor and selecting "X" as my axis that is parallel to my rotary (A), the code does not seemed translated correctly inside of Mach3.


I am so lost and have read/watched almost everything out there regarding this issue. Was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction for either sourcing a custom post process for my machine, or tips on how to begin creating one? (Would rather the former as I would love to start milling my Fusion toolpaths asap!)

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I offer post processor modification as a service and I can sort out fast this for you. Message me if you'd like to get my help. 

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In your setup you had the WCS located incorrectly.

For programming 4 axis parts the WCS needs to be located on the rotary centerline like this:



If you set that correctly the code output will be correct

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