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having hard time setting up machine simulation

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having hard time setting up machine simulation

I am trying to set up a machine simulation utilizing a post processor which we have tailored to our liking. I am getting a weird error saying that "machine configuration is being overridden by the post script" if anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated. I have copied my post processer, the machine file (which has the machine build within) and the "test 5 axis part" file where I am doing a sample program to test out at the machine. this 5 axis machine is brand new to our shop and the only one we have so I am just trying to get the post all dialed in before we start running some jobs and figured it would be great to be able to machine simulate in the future.... 




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The  "machine configuration is being overridden by the post script" error is due to there being a multi axis configuration that is selectable in the post properties. to fix this you just needed to select "no Rotary" and now machine sim will work, but when i tried it out it was showing no rotary motion in simulation

The problem appears to be with the post processor.

It seems you have an older Okuma post, so i just downloaded the latest okuma post and now it's all working correctly.


You still need to make sure you have "no rotary" selected under configuration:



There is also a little funny business going on with the machine setup, the tool attachment point wasn't correctly sticking to the spindle so i just had to unselect and reselect it. 

I would suggest having the base modelled into the machine to, as you have a static component in the kinematic chain but no component to select in machine builder which will cause the simulation to look funny as normally the sim will run with the base as the static point, but without one the part defaults to the static point and the machine moves around it

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