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Haas processor location

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Haas processor location

I have drawn a simple engraving and want to post to a Haas processor TM2. When I go into "Create an NC prog" I cannot locate the Haas pp, it and it is the same in "Post process". I do not see nearly as many as some videos posted and the pop up I get does not look the same but, does have some of the same info. Am I doing or expecting something wrong ?

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When I do this in the instruction, I get the Library and A-D post processors show up. When I click Packaged Post processors, I get "index.json" There are maybe 40 available. Unsure what I am missing. 

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When I select Milling my center screen says " All machines hidden by filters". When I uncheck that box, all I see are printers. Haas is not one of them. 


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Can you pre NC program step of posting your program, locate and copy / paste the postprocessor you would like to use to your cloud or local folder?

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Do not understand "pre NC program step...."
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If you pick the haas tm-2 from the library it already has the haas ngc post associated with it.

when you go to post it will already be there.

see video here, if this is not what you are seeing can you maybe record a screen capture of your process, because the images you have attached above seem to suggest you are looking for the machine rather than the post?

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I did exactly as you did in your video. I get what you saw in the picture above " All machines are hidden by filters". I just don't have access to all of the machines or post. I have all printers, no milling, turning. I will work on the screen capture so you will see. I do not see any access to the cloud, might this be because its the free download??

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being on the Personal licence shouldn't affect your ability to select machines(but I may be wrong here it could be due to the single user storage format that personal licences have?)

You don't actually NEED to select a machine, for 3 axis work IMO it creates more confusion for new users.


You can just create a setup with no machine selected and then select the correct post and it should be fine.


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I appreciate all of you help, I believe I have made this hurdle. I found these instructions,


The problem I am having is that in my Library, I only have the printers. There is only these to choose from. There is no Haas Automation to choose from. The Libraries I saw on your videos outnumber my choice by 10x. So again, Thank you for you help and time. The support is just the best. 

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