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Haas (Pre NGC) Post process Edit - Coolant on location

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Haas (Pre NGC) Post process Edit - Coolant on location



I am looking to move the location of my M08 coolant code within my post processor to save me manually re-typing it every time. I am looking to put the coolant on and off at my retract height. I am using the Haas (Pre NGC) post.


Can someone help?


Thanks in advance

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It looks like it's already turning off immediately after the retract move. To have it turn on right at the first clearance move, you need to move  

var coolantIsOutput = (tool.coolant != currentCoolantMode) || operationNeedsSafeStart;

To line 3075, so it looks like this:

 writeBlock(gMotionModal.format(0), x, y, z);
      var coolantIsOutput = (tool.coolant != currentCoolantMode) || operationNeedsSafeStart;



N45 G1 X3.1496 Y-0.9596 F500.
N50 G0 G43 Z0.5906 H1
N55 T2
N60 G0 Z0.1969
N65 M8
N70 G1 Z-0.0394 F39.37

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: james97MS

Thank you for getting back to me. 


Now that I have moved that section of code, there is no longer a M09 at the return to my safe retract position once the machining has been completed. See below processed code;


N260 X165.279 Y16.829 I-23.8 J0.
N265 G1 G40 X148.45 Y21.213
N270 G0 Z100.

N275 M1
N280 T2 M6
N285 S1800 M3


What I am also after is for after line N270 Z100. I would like here to be as follows;


N275 M09

N280 G53 Z0

N285 M1


Then the next tool change. 


Hopefully this makes sense. 


Can you please point me in the correct direction?


Thanks again


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I posted about this before

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