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Haas Dual Spindle G200 Index on the Fly

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Haas Dual Spindle G200 Index on the Fly

Has anyone successfully implemented this into their post, specifically for a dual spindle?  I assume the G14/15 spindle mirroring will invert the UWXY values like anything else, would just like to see how the retract to safe plane output is managed/omitted and the UWXY values are calculated.


This is for a production job and tools are set up permanently so I'm not afraid to hard code some lines in if necessary but it would be nice to have it done "right" if at all possible...




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I also would like to know if it is possible to use SSV only on particular operations.

There's an option in the post dialog to turn it on/off but if seems like something that should be implemented on an operation-by-operation basis.

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