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Grooving / Undercutting using slot mill

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Grooving / Undercutting using slot mill


I am a realtive newcomer to Fusion & 3D drawing & CAM in general. I have a few basics to be able to program my old CNC machining centre but always trying to learn a few tricks.

I have managed to baffle myself with this machining strategy. Please can somebody tell me what I am missing.

It is a 6mm high groove but I am using a 3.5mm wide slot mill. I can go round the bottom of the groove succesfully but I was hoping it would know how to take 2 cuts & use the top face of the slot mill cutter. After all, the GIF of the slot mill cutter in the tool library shows a side & face cutter. I thought there might be a field in the cutter tab in tool library to specify where the cutting edges are


It isn't even a job, just Fusion practice & if it were a job I would be able to work around it by changing offsets or datums here & there or drawing two different grooves but the reason for the question is to see how to do this correctly.


Does anyone know? Thanks in advance.


It only uses the bottom of the tool


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2D Contour will not know where the top of the tool is, only the bottom. 3D Contour does a better job of this, but it lacks cutter compensation. Pick your poison; 3D Contour and no comp, or 2D Contour and having to break out the old calculator to do some math for top height and step downs.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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