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Groove machining on Hwacheon Fanuc lathe without Y axis

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Groove machining on Hwacheon Fanuc lathe without Y axis

I have to work a groove as shown in the image. The lathe is a Hwacheon - Hi-tech 700 MC without the Y axis .

The machining is currently performed with the combination of X axis and rotary C but the slot is not very good.


How can I correctly make the path with Fusion and export the program  correctly?




this is the sharing link

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in reply to: Matt_Leon

Unfortunately you cannot machine that feature completely without a Y-axis

The best you will get is to go on center with a 20mm endmill using 2D contour picking one edge and using tangential extension to move the start point(also turn off leads).

This will not machine the "Wings" of the start of the slot.


For the other keyways you can use the slot tool path to ramp down.

see attached

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in reply to: a.laasW8M6T

now the machine operator has programmed the machining by combining the movements between the X axis and the C spindle, is it possible to replicate this type of movement with Fusion?



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in reply to: Matt_Leon

Yes it is possible to sort of get this motion.

You can use the Wrap toolpath feature on 2D contour but it will never machine the feature even close to correct



Another option could be the Rotary toolpath. this seems to give a better approximation:



I assume the operator is using G112 at the control, this will still only ever give an approximation of the feature as you cannot generate parallel walls/ flat floors by rotating the C axis


The Wrap function in 2d contour is basically the same as the G112

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in reply to: Matt_Leon

thanks @a.laasW8M6T !!!

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