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GRBL post processor safe height at start

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GRBL post processor safe height at start

I am getting my controller ready for my new machine.  I am using the GRBL post processor as recommended.  When I do the post process, I have 3 options for safe retracts: G28, G53, and clearance height.  I am starting my WCS in bottom left corner with z0 being the bottom of the stock.   All of these will move and would drive the endmill through the stock to go to the first point of operation.  Z remains at zero.  I can fix it by adding code at the beginning to raise the z before it moves, but would prefer to not have to do.  Is there anything I can change to fix this?

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attaching last file.

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G53 post process is moving z to 4.537" up before moving in X and Y.  I dont know if i will have that much travel.

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I found my issue.  the 4.537 was coming from g28.  I set it to .5


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I'm 63 just got my sainsmart 3020max pro, its doing the same here , I am a noob at this ,plz tell me how you changed  g28  plz 

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use this post processor. I've had it modified to do all the things you want on a cnc router 

attached, see under my signature 

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