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Giving parts priority in nesting extention / sorting nested parts

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Giving parts priority in nesting extention / sorting nested parts

Is there any way to give parts absolute priority in the nesting extention? This would be very useful to keep orders from different customers apart, when nested together. If I change the priority of parts to be nested, the priority is not absolute; so I cannot use priority to keep projects from different customers apart. Somtimes, a part with very low priority, is nested first.


This is a real shame, because now there is no way to nest several projects at the same time, and know which part belongs to which project. For larger production, this is essential. A way to let the cnc operator know which label to put on which part would also greatly help.

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with your workflow I would just have a sketch of your stock size/sheet and then nest certain orders in one specific section of that stock. That's how I used to cut out dozens of parts out of a 2x4 sheet of MDF from one setup before automated nesting was a thing. 

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For the number of nests I need to make, that is not really a viable option I'm afraid.

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