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Geodesic toolpath 4th axis toolpath not posting unless I set post to post 5 axis

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Geodesic toolpath 4th axis toolpath not posting unless I set post to post 5 axis

Trying out the Geodesic toolpath for the 4th axis.  I set the Machining Type as 4-axis and got a working toolpath.  When I tried to post out the toolpath, I put the post processor for the 4-axis to run the program and got an error log.  I changed the post setting from 4-axis to 5-axis, and it posted a program.  I examined the program and saw that the cut file used the 5th axis even though I selected the machining type to the 4-axis.  I assumed the post would output C=0 or 180 but not C=-179.9xxx.



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If you have  collision detection and/or Smooth linking turned on it will generate 5 axis moves for a 4 axis toolpath, I have reported this some time ago but it still hasn't been fixed

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We have fixed this internally and are going to be getting it into a future release. I'm not certain of the "when" of this, but the ticket I had logged (CAM-50389) has been marked as "Fixed".

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thanks for the info. 

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