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GCode not printing on Creality K1 Max

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GCode not printing on Creality K1 Max

I have been trying to use Fusion360 to both design, and then print items.

Fusion contains a Post Process print library with an option for "Creality family / creality" gcode.

When running this on the printer, it homes, then stops saying something about "flow scanning" referring to its lidar calibration.

This is not an issue when I use Creality's native slicer.

Creality's slicer is an inferior program, and frankly, I worry about IP theft from Chinese owned and run operation.


Does anyone know how to get a design sliced in Fusion to print on the K1 Max?

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in reply to: jandersoniv

Hello and thanks for posting your question here! I don't know the answer personally, but I'll share this with some of my colleagues who might.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: jandersoniv

Hi @jandersoniv ,


Sorry you've had problems trying to print to your Creality K1 printer using Fusion. We don't currently support the K1 yet, so that is probably why you are running into some issues. I assume that the start gcode provided by the Fusion Creality post is not exactly what your K1 needs.

My advice would be to look at the start gcode for the printer that Creality uses, and then merge that into your gcode file created from Fusion as a temporary solution.


As a long term solution, we will start working on trying to support the K1 printer in Fusion. Hopefully you will see this available in a future release.


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Fusion 360 Additive Team

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