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GCODE generation problems with ATC

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GCODE generation problems with ATC

I have a Laguna SmartShop M with ATC.  My toolpaths use two different bits (T1 and T5).  When I generate the gcode, the program is not correct.  The gcode is effectively changing the bits twice on every switch and the wrong bit is being used.


The first section of the program should be using T1.  I see that immediately after a tool change to T1, it issues a tool change to T5, which is wrong.  Later in the program when I need to drill with T5, it does the reverse, which is also wrong.  I don't want to have to hand-edit these files every time I generate them.  How can I get Fusion 360 to stop emitting the wrong second tool every time it changes?


Here is the beginning part of the program:

N10 G90 G94 G17 G49 G40 G80
N15 G71
N20 G00 G53 Z0.

N25 T1 M06
N30 T5
N35 S18000 M03
N40 G54
N45 G00 X627.724 Y84.155
and later...
N2935 M01
N2940 T5 M06
N2945 T1
N2950 S18000 M03
N2955 G54
N2960 G00 X1159.793 Y92.981
Lines N30 and N2945 need to not be generated.  This does not seem to be standard gcode, so there might be some setting I need to change somewhere.  Assistance would be appreciated.
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Typically a toolchange will only happen on an M6 command

The second one(T5) is a tool Preload command which on some types of toolchangers will pre-stage the next tool in the program in the tool carousel.


It looks like that machine has a Pickup style toolchange so tool preloading is not applicable.


What post processor are you using for this machine as looking at the standard Laguna post in Fusion it doesn't generate the tool preloads

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That was helpful as it helped me understand what was controlling it.  I was using the post that Laguna provided and that was set to false for preload.  I explored around the interface in Fusion 360 and found that the setting was available in a user setting as a checkbox for 'preload tool'.  I did not realize that was applicable to carosel changers and not applicable to mine.  I turned off that checkbox and the code generated no longer has that markup.  Thanks for taking the effort to help - I am certain it saved me hours of effort!

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