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Gauge Length not updating when changing Holder Geometry

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Gauge Length not updating when changing Holder Geometry

We handle roughly 500 tools with thier own H# assigned for gauge length. Our posts then update the gauge length via G10 L#. Currently we have been using an entry in the Product ID equal to the gauge length of the tool previously measured. But when I export our excell spreadsheet I noticed the gauge length was not even close at times to our Product ID entry. Investigating it I found if you take a Maritol ER16 4.0 holder with a gauge length of 4.0624 and place a tool 2.0 below holder, Gauge Length in Fusion is 6.0624 which is correct. If I then go in and duplicate the tool and change the holder geometry to a total of 4.5624 length, the gauge length remains 4.0624. Anyone else run into this? If I build the holder from scratch it works correct. But if I take a vendor tool, it doesn't seem to refresh to the new lenght of the holder. 


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