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G71/G81 cycle rapids tools back into part @ G00 line

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G71/G81 cycle rapids tools back into part @ G00 line



Trying to use a simple center drill operation w. a 3+2 setup. All milling work is great positionally, but when the drilling w. a tilted b axis is complete, the tool G00 back into the part. See code & image below.


Post is modified to disable TCP, & enable 3+2 w/ a shift for the B axis since its not inline w. the C 



Sam E.












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Is 4.515 or 4.115 your z centerline number at b90 by any chance? it seems like the clearance height isn't being shifted by the post while the retract, feed, top and bottom z numbers are being shifted. Maybe its using b0. z clearance height +0.4 or b90. z centerline +0.4


edit: does that g0 z4.515 line run or does it alarm out? All the milling controls im familiar with would need a g80 before being able to move outside of the drilling cycle but I'm sure there are some that dont need it. im just curious 

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I've moved the brown layer in the first image a lot higher, & it seems to directly impact that Z4.515, however, in drilling operations w. no B axis tilt, the G00 Z value matches the G71. See example below




The line runs w/ out alarm. It's not an issue on through holes, but blind holes & center drills are an issue.

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yeah it seems like your post isn't making the necessary shift for b-axis tilt on that one specific number but it is on all the rest. (tho the retract height doesn't seem to be shifted the exact correct amount either)


talk to whoever did the post modifications and ask them to apply the same shift to the final clearance z number 


I'm not familiar with what g71 does on a mill other than a bolt circle but that wouldn't involve a z number so forgive me if i'm totally misunderstanding something thats obvious to you

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It was me. I followed this at first, then this second


G71 on the okuma is Designation of return level for M53, G81, Fixed cycle; Spot boring, is the actual cycle 

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