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G68.2 B axis rotation incorrect.

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G68.2 B axis rotation incorrect.

Hello, I'm having an issue machining a 25 degree inclined wall. We're using a Mazak VTC800/30SR. The B axis should rotate to (negative)-25 degrees however it rotates to (positive) +25 degrees and travels from one side of the machine to the other. The CAM side of things is good, however the EULER angles calculated by the post are complete nonsense. I've had this issue in the past and just decide to surface machine the feature however I'm sick and tired of doing it that way. Please fix the post.

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in reply to: milling1UELAX

Can you share an example file?

which post processor are you using?, is it just the "Mazak" one.


also do you use the machine simulation model in fusion?


Mazaks are pretty notorious for having to set certain parameters correctly to get 5 axis stuff correct

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in reply to: a.laasW8M6T

It's the Mazak VTC800/30SR machine model and MAZAK Post Processor provided by AUTODESK themselves. The post is literally moving the opposite direction from what is required. instead of a B-25 movement it's a B25. movement.

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in reply to: milling1UELAX

So the post is configured correctly for G68.2(P0) which is an ZXZ R transformation


If i make a test part and post the code I get

N25 T4 M6
N30 S6000 M3
N35 G54
N40 G68.2 X0. Y0. Z0. I-90. J25. K90.


Which appears to be correct(its effectively B-25 on the physical axis)


is that the output you are getting?

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in reply to: a.laasW8M6T

Sorry for the delayed reply. And yes that is the line posted by the Post Processor, however the angle is the wrong direction. If it is a parameter that needs changed do you know which?

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in reply to: milling1UELAX

That would have to be a question for your Mazak applications engineer.

as far as I can tell the post is outputting the correct Euler angles, but I could be wrong.

Maybe some of the autodesk post guys can help out ?

@serge.quiblier @boopathi.sivakumar 

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Hi @milling1UELAX 


On some machine, we sometimes need to eventually add a G53.1 command with an additional parameter.

I have a post for another software (PowerMill, not Fusion360) using the G53.1 for positive B values, and G53.1 P2 for negative B values.

I found a reference in a Mazak manual, but not for the VTC machine.

As you can read, this may be machine dependant:



In the post v45821 in our library, this functionnality is implemented.
Do you have a parameter on the G53.1 line? P1 or P2?




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in reply to: milling1UELAX

Did you ever sort the Opposite direction B axis compared to what actually is required?

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