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G49 before G69 Fanuc G68.2/G69

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G49 before G69 Fanuc G68.2/G69

Hello together,

we are having a 5-axis simultan machine and a Fanuc 30is control. Also we are using the G68.2 code for 5-axis machining.

The problem here is the output from the standard fanuc post. See here my example:

In row N150 there is coming G69, the fanuc control wnats to have before this a G49. So how can i manipulate here the post to do this. THanks for your help!


N50 G68.2 X0. Y0. Z0. I90. J90. K180.
N55 G53.1
N60 M08
N65 G00 X-38.216 Y2.907
N70 G43 Z100. H45
N75 G00 Z87.85
N80 G01 Z75.552 F28.
N85 X-36.276 Y7.515 F84.
N90 X-34.777 Y11.074 Z75.537
N95 X-33.279 Y14.633 Z75.492
N100 X-31.782 Y18.191 Z75.418
N105 X-30.287 Y21.75 Z75.313
N110 X-28.794 Y25.309 Z75.18
N115 X-27.305 Y28.867 Z75.016
N120 X-25.818 Y32.426 Z74.823
N125 X-24.336 Y35.985 Z74.601
N130 X-22.42 Y40.593 Z74.293
N135 Z87.85
N140 G00 Z100.
N145 G53 G00 Z0.

(TRACE1 2)
N150 G69
N155 G68.2 X0. Y0. Z0. I96.207 J90. K180.
N160 G53.1
N165 G49

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Try this post. 

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Hello Adam,

i have tried this but then the Workplane compensation G68.2/G69 is gone

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Thats wierd. This is output I am getting:


N115 G49
N120 G69
N125 G68.2 X0. Y0. Z0. I-90. J30. K90.
N130 G53.1
N135 G00 X-40.203 Y-31.135
N140 G43 Z40. H02
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No, this is what i am getting out from your processor. I have a machine also which i am using, could be this the problem?


N30 T71 M06
N35 S9549 M03
N40 G54
N45 G92 C360.
N50 G00 A-90. C270.682
N55 M08
N60 G00 X99.993 Y1.19
N65 G43.4 Z-5.675 H71
N70 G00 X89.994 Y1.071
N75 G01 X85.794 Y1.021 F255.
N80 X78.896 Y0.939
N85 X78.902 Y0.128 Z-7.519 C270.093 F764.
N90 X78.899 Y-0.654 Z-9.298 C269.525
N95 X78.889 Y-1.436 Z-11.078 C268.957
N100 X78.871 Y-2.219 Z-12.857 C268.388
N105 X78.845 Y-3.003 Z-14.636 C267.819
N110 X78.811 Y-3.787 Z-16.416 C267.249
N115 X78.769 Y-4.571 Z-18.195 C266.679
N120 X78.72 Y-5.355 Z-19.975 C266.108
N125 X78.663 Y-6.139 Z-21.754 C265.538
N130 X78.598 Y-6.922 Z-23.533 C264.967
N135 X78.525 Y-7.704 Z-25.313 C264.397
N140 X78.444 Y-8.485 Z-27.092 C263.826
N145 X78.356 Y-9.265 Z-28.871 C263.256
N150 X78.26 Y-10.043 Z-30.651 C262.687
N155 X78.157 Y-10.82 Z-32.43 C262.118
N160 X78.045 Y-11.594 Z-34.209 C261.55
N165 X77.927 Y-12.367 Z-35.989 C260.982
N170 X77.796 Y-13.167 Z-37.833 C260.394
N175 G00 X98.598 Y-16.688
N180 G53 G00 Z0.


And this is from my postprocessor which i am using now


N30 T71 M106
N35 S9549 M03
N40 G17 G90 G94
N45 G54
N50 G92 C360.
N55 G00 A-90. C270.682
N60 M08
N65 G68.2 X0. Y0. Z0. I90.682 J90. K180.
N70 G53.1
N75 G00 X0. Y5.675
N80 G69
N85 G43.4 H71
N90 G00 X99.993 Y1.19 Z-5.675 A-90. C270.682
N95 X89.994 Y1.071
N100 G01 X85.794 Y1.021 F255.
N105 X78.896 Y0.939
N110 X78.902 Y0.128 Z-7.519 C270.093 F764.
N115 X78.899 Y-0.654 Z-9.298 C269.525
N120 X78.889 Y-1.436 Z-11.078 C268.957
N125 X78.871 Y-2.219 Z-12.857 C268.388
N130 X78.845 Y-3.003 Z-14.636 C267.819
N135 X78.811 Y-3.787 Z-16.416 C267.249
N140 X78.769 Y-4.571 Z-18.195 C266.679
N145 X78.72 Y-5.355 Z-19.975 C266.108
N150 X78.663 Y-6.139 Z-21.754 C265.538
N155 X78.598 Y-6.922 Z-23.533 C264.967
N160 X78.525 Y-7.704 Z-25.313 C264.397
N165 X78.444 Y-8.485 Z-27.092 C263.826
N170 X78.356 Y-9.265 Z-28.871 C263.256
N175 X78.26 Y-10.043 Z-30.651 C262.687
N180 X78.157 Y-10.82 Z-32.43 C262.118
N185 X78.045 Y-11.594 Z-34.209 C261.55
N190 X77.927 Y-12.367 Z-35.989 C260.982
N195 X77.796 Y-13.167 Z-37.833 C260.394
N200 G00 X98.598 Y-16.688
N205 G53 G00 Z0.

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There are properties that can be set up differently on your side and using machine definition also affects the output.


Open your .cps file, seach for "68.2" and add "disableLengthCompensation();"


if (abc.isNonZero()) {
        writeBlock(gRotationModal.format(68.2), "X" + xyzFormat.format(0), "Y" + xyzFormat.format(0), "Z" + xyzFormat.format(0), "I" + abcFormat.format(abc.x), "J" + abcFormat.format(abc.y), "K" + abcFormat.format(abc.z)); // set frame
        writeBlock(gFormat.format(53.1)); // turn machine


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Better but not at the goal, now G49 is standing after G69, i need it before....


N865 G00 Z119.
N870 G53 G00 Z0.

(2D-TASCHE2 5)
N875 G69
N880 G49
N885 G68.2 X0. Y0. Z0. I-90. J90. K180.
N890 G53.1

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Hi @mario.kaiserXZ5XS 

Open the library fanuc post find for the following code in the onSection top

    if ((insertToolCall && !isFirstSection()) || smoothing.cancel) {

 And change it to

    if (((insertToolCall || newWorkPlane) && !isFirstSection()) || smoothing.cancel) {


save the post and test it

Boopathi Sivakumar
Senior Technology Consultant

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Hello Adam,

can you check this model and the machine with your post if you are getting a G68.2 out or not. Or is this not needed here

The machining what i am talking is "Muster7" with "2D-Kontur8"

And the question, is the output from the PP OK for this machining?

And does this have any influence how i position the part in fusion with the machine for the post?


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