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Fusion360 Post Processor for Mach3 with WCS Probing Support

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Fusion360 Post Processor for Mach3 with WCS Probing Support

I have been using Mach3 for many years and have used various methods for edge and hole finding.

As I use Fusion for all my CAD and CAM now, I have grown frustrated that I couldn't use the probing operations within Fusion. I looked hard for a suitable Post Processor that supported probing in Mach3 Mill but failed to find one. I therefore decided to write my own (I was a programmer).


This code contains all that is required to perform the WCS related probing functions that Fusion360 can issue, including rotation. The "Probe Geometry" and "Inspect Surface" features that are available as extensions (paid for) are not supported.

In addition it provides support for the tolerances for position and size along with the option to halt probing if out of tolerance.


If there are any other members of the community who would find this useful, then I offer it free (with no warranty of course). You will find more details and the option to download it here .


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That's an awesome contribution to the community, thank you!

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: martinlmarriott

This is the real deal guys!


I would like to extend thanks to Martin for this post processor and macro. It's not everyday you come across such a professional that gives out such powerful macros for FREE!


Initially i had a few issues with the macro operation (this turned out to be a bug with my motion controller rather than martins post / macro).


Martin was extremely helpful and responsive in helping me debug my issues.


I highly recommend this post for probing support and can not recommend and thank Martin enough for his help.


Again, Thankyou Martin!



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Hello !


is the post processor still available somewhere ? Been searching for one for ages 🙂 

Thanks !

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Thanks for your enquiry.

Apologies for the trouble in finding the download but unfortunately my website is down at the moment.
Attached is the zip file which contains the documentation, post processor and associated macro.


I hope you find it useful.



Martin Marriott

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Thanks Martin really appreciate you sending that so quickly!  


very excited to try and get this working.  


Have a great day 🙂

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