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Fusion360 Not Starting Cuts Where I Expected

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Fusion360 Not Starting Cuts Where I Expected

Hi I'm pretty new to CNC machining and I am trying to do a cutout for a bird house. I've got everything working pretty well, and I did a first cut attempt. I decided that the feed rate was too fast for my machine though and so I stopped the cut and adjusted my tool so that it was slower and redid the feed rate for the cuts and then rebuilt the NC file. I then tried to redo my cut, starting again from the beginning with the new NC file.


When I tried to do this, instead of moving from model origin to the first cut like it did the first time it started the first cut at the point where I had set the home to, moving straight down and then moving off the edge of my stock for the cut. I've double checked I set the home on my machine to the correct point and that the origin is still where I expect it to be. I'm not sure what the issue is with this cut. I would really appreciate any help you guys could give to help me understand what is going on here.


I've attache both my nc file as well as my fusion360 model. I wasn't sure what type to make the model so I picked one that looked good, but I'm happy to reupload a different format if that would be better. Thanks so much!

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it sounds like you rearranged your cut order.

Throw your code in and see that it plunges down into your stock to cut tabs as the first operation! 

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