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Fusion360 'not responding' when opening tool library.

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Fusion360 'not responding' when opening tool library.

Everytime I try to open the tool library the window opens blank and going not responding in the top tool bar with in a couple of seconds,

I have to restart it everytime, I can open the other libraries no issues it's only the tool library. 


I've tried reinstalling, updating graphics drivers etc all the suggested 'fixes', clean uninstall etc


I haven't used the tool library for atleast 3-4years as I concentrated on 3d printing and not the machining side but it certainly used to work.


I'm at abit of a loss with it. 


Thanks in advance!

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in reply to: garyhowe123

Here's a quick screen shot of where it gets hung up everytime.

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in reply to: garyhowe123

Hi @garyhowe123 ,


We've made a lot of changes to the Tool Library since you last used it, including switching the core technology used to make it. The development team can look into this issue for you if you could send us some diagnostic information.


First enable extended logging for the Tool Library: Preferences -> General -> Manufacture -> Tool Library -> Enable logging .


Then try opening it again.


Then send me (mark (dot) obrien (at) your:

Mark O'Brien
Senior Software Engineer
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in reply to: obrienm

I have sent the requested files!

Hopefully its something obvious or something I'm doing wrong!

Unsure how good the log will be as obviously Ibhave to 'End Task' to get out and restart fusion.

Thanks !
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in reply to: garyhowe123


Unsure if this was fixed by the latest update or what I've been up too but its now working!!


I also went to town improving my computers performance switching to a SSD etc as my old HD was consytantly at 100percent usage, and new Memory too!




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