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Fusion360 CAD/CAM solution issues

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Fusion360 CAD/CAM solution issues

Guys, if you wanna ever become industry standard please observe the industry standard solutions such as SolidWorks/SolidCAM or HyperMill, and most importantly work with real machinists instead of theoretics in office that never saw CNC nor designed anything.


INDUSTRY STANDARD is about SIMPLICITY, and making our life easy. Last thing one needs is complexity of SW while there are issues with machined part!


We were "forced" to move into Fusion360 because (lets be honest) InventorCAM is unstable rubbish for hobby. First thing that kicked me in eyes is so many "improvements" that in most cases makes everything worse than before.


1. RULE of industry standard is KEEP BASIC SAME. It is called integrated CAD/CAM so that everything is possible in one workspace. What is that DESIGN, MANUFACTURING modes for? We do lots restrictions by drafting lines, rectangles or adding chamfers, modify dimension of 3D part.


In old InventorCAM we could do everything at one, I have to switch all the time between DESIGN and MANUFACTURING if I wanna change something. What is point of that?


2 RULE of industry standard is KEEP BASIC SAME - we have hundreds of templates for machining cycles. In InventorCAm, I have chosen a directory where all temlates were stored for particular CNC. Afterwards, I had nice menu with all templates easily to pick what you need. Fusion caches last 8 templates. I do not know what template is that because it shows only name...imagine to rename 1000 of templates? why change what works?


There are improvements we would like to see (I bet there are more CNC guys who experienced industry standard):


1. contour selection - still primitive, and clueless automatic selection. We have complex shapes to machine. In SolidCAM, I can choose POINT to POINT contour, restricted in Z achse, or simply it folows the 3D model edge. Major issue we have is open contours where you need to choose 5 from 20 edges but InventorCAM/Fusion always pick the wrong direction, and one end up selecting each edge one by one. We lose so much time, and nerves.


2. no mode selection PERIOD everything important at one pace


3. fancy cloud - why everybody uses cloud nowadays still puzzles me. We have built Internet for you, and 25 years ater is still crap in most places. YOU WANT ALWAYS POSSIBILITY TO STORE ALL LOCAL...PERIOD!!! After last update we lost whole tool library, Autodesk support is puzzled how is that possibe...ghost in machine perhaps. 3 days of work gone, 2000+ CHF damage. Who pays? There is no official backup solution for all parts stored in cloud. If we lose all in next updatem then what? We have found 3rd party Python scripts, but why? BACKUP is basic functionality of every SW.


4. templates per Machine - we would like to see direct choice of templates per machine. So far one can create only User defaulty for every machining cycle. It works on most CNCs, ut not always. Changing all the time is bollocks. SolidCAM has got direct choice of templates linked with each Machine setup...PERIOD !!!


There are also real improvemnts (to stop my rant/whininh of 2000 CHF/year SW) in performance. We do lots of 3D machining, and InventorCAM was calculating paths for 10 mins...crashed. Fusion does it in seconds.


That is few things that makes crazy.


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