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Fusion Toolpath that matches this Toolpath

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Fusion Toolpath that matches this Toolpath

Hello, I have some Heidenhain Code that I am trying to replicate in Fusion.  Is this toolpath possible to make in any of the procedures Currently?  Here is a picture of what it looks like in HSMEDIT.   I was trying to make this with 2D Contour but the rapids are always higher then the cutting level.  

Screenshot 2024-01-16 152634.png

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Like this?


Turn on keep tool down in the linking tab

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Is there away to do this with the Rapids and not the lead in and out?  I have tryed making your toolpath but I have to play with the lead-in and outs.  I just want it to go back to the starting point after its finished cutting.  

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in reply to: rusty.bird

Is this what you are looking for?  I did this by turning off lead in/out , but you also have to use "in computer" or "off" as your compensation type (under passes) in order to turn off the leads. And note that the green line toolpath is actually a transition and not a lead so you can adjust the "transition feedrate" to a higher feed if thats similar to what you are trying to do. Im not sure how to make the transitions a rapid move though... 


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in reply to: jeff2HS8X

Thanks guys.  That is pretty close to the original picture.


I'm working on making a sub-program with label repeats.  I want the operator to be able to adjust the step-down if needed.  I have it working with the original picture above but it doesn't simulate correctly in fusion(Cant get a toolpath to match it).  So Im going to try and modify it to a tool path that is close that fusion does create.  Atleast I will be able to simulate it then.

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in reply to: rusty.bird

So I have finished the sub-program/macro.  I ended up using Linear Patterns on the Z-axis instead & patterning it down. 


How this works is I make a 2D Contour Procedure doing a single pass and pattern it down a determined amount of times and stepdown to complete the feature.  I also Post out the code using "Use subroutines" set to Patterns.  This will output a label doing a single pass.  I have attached the Original Code and also the macro modified code that lets the operator adjust the D.O.C and number of passes to do if desired.  It also shortens up the code tremendously.  Here is a picture of the procedure.  I have the code attached below.          pic.png

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