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Fusion stock simulation & dark mode

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Fusion stock simulation & dark mode

When can we expect updates on cnc simulation improvements without the machine being in the model? 

Is this something that’s in the works? 
When can we expect it to be improved? 
When if ever can we expect a dark mode? 

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in reply to: lanceschleich

What exactly are you hoping for in regards to CAM/Stock Simulation improvements?


Dark mode....that remains yet to be seen, unfortunately.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

Overall, looking for a better user experience while utilizing higher stock accuracy on larger mold projects truthfully. The software has made leaps and bounds I just feel this is one area that hasn’t made as large of bounds as the rest. Aside from machine simulations making insanely good improvements.
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in reply to: lanceschleich

I work with big parts, 2000mm x 1000 


When simulation, is too slow

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in reply to: Bnuno608

I apologize I don’t seem to understand, are you agreeing with me that the simulation gets worse on larger projects? or are you stating that you feel the same way?
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in reply to: lanceschleich

I work with powermill and Fusion.


When simulation on powermill is very fast, in Fusion is very slow and hard to see where is a more stock to remove 

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in reply to: Bnuno608

you can set colorization to comparison in the simulation options, and the left over stock will be shown as blue.

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