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Fusion generates associated named view picture file when posting NC program

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Fusion generates associated named view picture file when posting NC program

I created a template file for generating programs to run a family of parts on our Haas DS30s.

I have an associated view for each setup so relevant geometry appears automatically for whoever is programming.  I noticed that when I post the NC program now it generates a .png picture file of each of these views.

I checked my post configuration to verify the M130 part/tool images boxes were not checked, not sure where else to look. 


I don't need these pictures and would prefer they not be generated in the first place...


I also tweaked each view a few times, so there is multiple views with the same name in the list of named views, is there a way to remove them from the list?

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Hello, @Eric_Evans_a_GiroDisc_com .


I suspect, there is no good solution for you. Basically, it is a limitation of interaction between Fusion and post. Fusion always generates images, if it sees `keywords = "MODEL_IMAGE PREVIEW_IMAGE";` in the post. And it is a post's responsibility to remove these images, if they are not needed. At least, I see this in "haas next generation.cps" post.

BTW, what post you are using and what operation system do you have (Windows or Mac)?
Thank you!

Viacheslav Shapilov
Developer Technical Services
Autodesk Developer Network

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I am using the Haas post for a DS30 with CHC, running Windows 10Pro x64

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I tried commenting out every instance I could find of "IMAGE" in the post, it still generates these screenshots.

I never had any setup sheets associated with this file, seems weird it would puke out a bunch of screenshots the I didn't ask for...

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